Product Management

For Software Suppliers

EO can assist you on an interim, defined project, or advisory basis with all aspects of product management, especially at the critical early stages of the product life cycle. We have a particular interest in working with you and your end users on:

Lean business & Lean UX canvas creation

Product discovery sessions

User story and user journey mapping & storyboarding

Live wireframing sessions & No-Code prototyping

Capturing service and software design-thinking for future use

We can also help your sales and marketing teams by re-purposing information captured in these processes to create marketing material and support sales initiatives, particularly those based on the Challenger Sale ™ model.

For Public, Voluntary, and Independent Service Providers

Product Management tools and techniques have evolved to help businesses ensure that the products they build solve actual problems in the real world.

They are therefore ideally suited to help service providers research and design new services or evaluate and enhance existing ones in partnership with their current or potential service users. We can help you apply these techniques to ensure that the primary focus of service design remains solving problems for your service users rather than the service itself.

EO can also work with your software suppliers & their Product Team on your behalf to help ensure that the software you are commissioning will help you achieve your service objectives. From experience, it is inevitable when commissioning or upgrading case management systems, that suppliers and customers will occasionally get stuck on some aspect of the problem being addressed through no fault of either party.

With over 34 years’ experience on either side of the discussion, EO’s independent perspective can assist with removing these blocks, achieving a pragmatic compromise, or agreeing a plan to iterate towards a resolution.

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