Performance Management

For Public, Voluntary, and Independent Service Providers & their Software Suppliers

EO can help you navigate the tension between meeting performance targets that you have been set, and the measures you know will help your service understand its effectiveness.

It is of course vital that you can supply the data that your organisation’s senior management require, and to the DfE, Ofsted or YJB for example, but not all these measures tell you what is and isn’t going on in your service.

We can teach and apply a range of comprehensive, but easy to use, performance management frameworks to ensure that outcomes for the service user underpin all your measures, including those focussed on budgets and human resources.

Frameworks available include Mark Friedman’s ‘Results-Based Accountability ™’ and Steve Montague’s ‘Three Rs of Performance’.

They can be applied independently of other frameworks or individual measures you are already obliged to use and can help you drive discussions with software suppliers to ensure the data needed to support the frameworks is easy to capture and get out again.

It is common for services to modify the work they are doing and the data they capture after discussing these frameworks. We can therefore also offer support with change management programmes.

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